The Kaley Cheerlebrity Bow

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  1. The Kaley Cheerlebrity Bow has an outline of 278 ss16 rhinestones with 454 ss10 smaller stones cascading down to the tails of the bow from large to small. Choose any mystique color and we will add the stones.
  •  Grosgrain Base Ribbon
  • Mystique Layer 
  • SS16 Rhinestones on the loops
  • ss10 stones on the tail
  • Rhinestone Wrap
  • Hair Elastic 

The Cheerlebrity series bows have a ton of stones on them for your darlings to shine extra bright under the lights. This bow has two sizes of crystal stones on a mystique metallic base layer. We use ss16 larger rhinestones for the tails and ss10 stones for the main parts of the bow creating a highly notable contrast.


***We also can do a custom bow using colors of stones at an additional price increase. Contact us for cost for your team orders.

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