Grosgrain Cheerleading Bows

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Columbia Blue Grosgrain Cheerleading Bow

Grosgrain Ribbon bows are a staple to any cheerleaders hairbow collection. Not only are these bows used for spirit day, they are commonly worn as part of the cheerleading uniform. Grosgrain cheerleading bows are used for games and also worn at competition primarily for school type cheerleading teams.

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Widths Available: 

  • 6"X5" 
  • 7"X5"
  • 8"X5" 

Note: The width measures from the bottom edge of the hair bow across the loops and from the back of the bow at the center knot to the tail in length.

Ribbon Width Choices

  • 2-1/4"W
  • 3" W

Colors available.

Black, Carolina Blue, Pink, Hot Pink, Baby Pink, Emerald Green, Forest Green, Lime Green, Navy, Navy Dark, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, White, Yellow, Yellow Gold

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